chove sem parar

Why am I here if you’re there
So far away it’s not fair
To be without you like this
I miss you more than you know
The nights are long
The days slow
Without the warmth of your kiss
Wish you were back here with me
Cause out my window
All is see is

Rain , rain in the sky
Everywhere I look my eyes see
Rain , rain fallin down
Crying as it hits the ground
Rain , rain in my heart
Every day that were apart
Rain , rain
Falling rain , rain
Rain , rain
Only rain , rain

4 comentários:

Francis disse...

singing in the rain ?

loirices disse...

Francis :-) esse era o Gene, a Cher é mais singing to the rain :-)

Francis disse...

É da moca. Dela está claro.

Mas era mais constatar que, tu, estás singing in the rain.

loirices disse...

quem sing seus males ping :-) estou a ver se resulta Francis.